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I offer IN-YOUR-HOME, overnight Pet-Sitting. Rarely, I will do quick visits if I'm already booked in your area.  I also offer in-home CONSULTATIONS for behavioral issues, cat care advice, and end of life concerns.  I’ll take care of your pet with love, attention, and kindness - I will also offer recommendations free of charge.  Click the Get In Touch button, so we can set up an introductory meeting right away!



In general, I don't do these.  I strongly recommend an overnight sitter for anything more than one or two days.  Pets can experience separation anxiety, and even get SICK or injured if left alone for too long, even if someone is coming in to feed them daily.  As much as they love me, they miss YOU.


Because I travel far and wide, this one hour (at least) service is only available for clients within a 1 mile radius of my current stay, so it doesn't hurt to ask when I'll be in your area next.  Day visits are usually half the price of a full day rate, but, please read the first paragraph again.  If you're an established client and you DESPERATELY need me to make visits, the rate may be higher, depending on the time it takes to get to your home. I will visit once a day, feed and water your kitties, scoop the poop, administer any necessary medications, play with, talk to, and pet your cats.   If your cat needs more than one visit each day, the fee will change, accordingly. 


Did you get a new kitty?  Maybe you've just added a kitty to the already-established mix of other pets and family members,

and there are "clashes"?


Maybe your cat is exhibiting behavioral issues and it's got you stymied?  

Maybe you've never even had a cat before, and you need to know 'how to do it'?

Would you like to learn how to TRAIN your cat?  Yes, it's possible!

Is your kitty getting old, or did she end up with a disability, and you need to know what you can do to make her life easier?

Are you afraid that it's getting near the end of your pet's life and you need to know "how do you know when it's that time?"

Call me - I can help!  $160 for an in-home consultation.  They usually take 90 minutes, up to two hours, give-or-take.  I'm a straight-shooter, so you'll know exactly what I think can be done.

BTW - EXISTING Clients - get this service free of charge!  I give input for the well-being of your pet, OFTEN, and when asked when special circumstances arise!



My main service is in-home, overnight cat-sitting.  That means I am at your house overnight and most of the day, giving all appearances from the outside that there is somebody home, which helps discourage break-ins.  I no longer take care of dogs.


I think it is very important that your cat be as stress-free as possible in your absence. Staying in their own home in familiar surroundings, and going about their normal routine is the best way to do that.  I stay in touch with you by email or text to let you know how your pet is doing, and I take lots of pictures!

I scoop litter, feed your cats, and change water daily; in addition to playing, petting, brushing, and cuddling.  Yes, I administer medications as needed.  Kitties often sleep on the bed with me.  I'll bring in the mail and papers, put out the garbage, water the plants, and make the house look occupied. I use my own pillows and toiletries, and I'll put the sheets and towels through the laundry before I go. I will take care of your pets as if they were my own, and leave your CLEAN house clean.  I am your Cat Sitter, not your housekeeper, but I do clean up after myself and the pets.

Get in touch today with any questions about how I can help you and your furbabies.

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