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RATES MAY VARY and are subject to change

Rates for overnight stays start at $75 per DAY (unlike 'hotel nights') for up to 2 cats, with a $10/day fee for each extra pet.  

Rates Include:

  • Staying at your home to keep your pets company

  • Administration of medications

  • Feedings, and water changed daily

  • Litter scooping

  • Brushing, petting, playtime​

  • Emailed communications (and pictures)

  • Advice or guidance on behavioral issues and training as needed

  • Monitoring your cat's well being and safety.

  • Vet visits are extra


Payment is due on when I arrive on the first day. Cancellations are discouraged - the entire invoice amount will still be due, especially if done less than two weeks prior and I'm not able to find a replacement client.

90-120 minute Behavioral Consults: $160

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