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Updated: Jun 22, 2022

(UPDATE: June 2022 - I have had my Pfizer vaccinations, plus TWO boosters. I require that my clients also be vaccinated. I will be taking any future boosters, as well. We all have to work together to keep us all healthy.).

My goodness. The panic is setting in... sort of. If you've seen Washington State Governor Jay Inslee's press conferences, you'll see that we in 'the hot zone' are doing everything possible (even closing schools) to protect ourselves, and each other from the spread of the COVID-19 virus. That includes ME. As your cat sitter, I am self-isolating, washing my hands well and frequently, "social-distancing" and keeping out of the public as best I can. I even declined to participate in Irish Week, which is super disappointing for this friendly Irish-American woman! Currently, I might go to the grocery store, the post office, the gas station, the bank - only when I need to... and I'll go for walks outside. I'm considering ordering groceries online, and using PayPal to invoice you, so I won't even have to go to the ATM. My living and the roof over my head depends on travel, so I am doing everything I can to stay healthy, and to help keep YOU healthy, as well. As a courtesy, I am even using Clorox wipes to wipe down often-touched surfaces in your home before I leave, like: doorknobs, light-switches, remote controls, counters, appliance handles, thermostat controls, etc. And I will of course let you know if I catch a cold or anything. I've had my flu shot. I hope you will also be exercising these good habits, and communicate with others you come in contact with if you catch any upper respiratory bugs.

I have had one client who had an international trip to Mexico cancel. They are being very supportive by paying me ANYWAY, which I really appreciate, since I still have bills to pay. I am waiting to hear from another client who will be driving to the San Juan Islands during that now-open time slot and may be stepping in to save the day. Travelling by car seems to be a good way to travel and still keep "social distancing!" So, it's good to stay in touch - maybe I can help with last minute trips. I am also looking for a fall-back situation if a client cancels and I have no work to fill that hole in my calendar. If you know of someone with an extra house, mother-in-law apartment, condo, RV, Airbnb, etc., that they are not using, but I could use temporarily, that would give me some relief to know about. A lot of service businesses will be suffering, so I hope we can help keep each other afloat during this difficult time. Conversely, if you get sick and you need someone to drop some groceries at your may need to call on me! This is temporary, folks - an uncomfortable and uncertain time, for sure, but we will get through it, and I will do my best to help you in any way I can.

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